Founded city in the area between two Bystrytsya in 1662 Polish magnate Andrew Potocki and named Stanislavov after his son. May 7 of that year Stanislaviv granted city status with the Magdeburg law. This date is considered the birthday of Ivano-Frankivsk.
In XVIII-XIX century .. city was a big trading and manufacturing center in Poland, and from 1772 – Austria (from 1867 – Austria-Hungary). In the development of crafts and culture have contributed, but Ukrainian, Polish, Jews, Armenians, communities were quite numerous.
After the collapse of Austria-Hungary in 1918 was created the West Ukrainian People’s Republic. Stanislaviv during January-May 1919 was its capital.
In the 1919-1939 biennium – Stanislav was a part of Poland. From September 1939 to June 1941 in the Soviet Union.
During World War II three years the city was under Nazi occupation. The fight against invaders led underground OUN-UPA.
The hearts still speaks pain execution of 27 patriots in the city center in November 1943 in Stanislav and its suburbs fascists killed more than 100 thousand civilians. July 27, 1944, the city was liberated by Soviet troops.
In 1962, the city celebrated its 300 – year anniversary. It was renamed and after a famous writer and public figure Ivan Franko here more than once, made good friends, wrote and read his works.
Today Ivano-Frankivsk – a city of regional significance, administrative, economic and cultural center of the Carpathian region, a city with European charm, ancient glorious history, unique customs and traditions, exquisite architecture.