Manyavsky skit

Manyavsky monastery founded in 1608 pupils Athos monastery Ivan Vyshensky and Job Knyahynytskym, who became its first abbot.
Skeet was a powerful stronghold of Orthodoxy in the Western Ukraine, who ruled the 556 monasteries, and the skit was independent of the local bishops and directly subordinate to the patriarch.
Architectural monastery buildings – a group of wooden and stone buildings, fenced high stone wall with towers and battlements. Square monastery has underground cellar, a labyrinth of intimate exits the mountains.
Once it was a place for prayer, purification, confession and communion, and at the same time reliable repository of local residents during the attacks of the Turks and Tatars.
Now it Exaltation of the Cross ascetic monastery prominent center of spirituality, culture and arts of Ukraine.
This ancient shrine situated between the mountain cliffs Carpathians, p. Manyava Ivano-Frankivsk region.
History Manyavsk Skitiov hides many unsolved and unexplored mysteries. But the biggest mystery for researchers are the healing properties of water collected inside the cave, which was formed in the huge stone, which lies on the hill near the monastery. There are many legends and stories about the life of monks in a cave in the stone. And not every one is a testimony of the healing properties of water, which the monks used to heal the sick. Perhaps not surprisingly this was called Blessed stone slab. Like hundreds of years ago come today to Blessed stone people in blessing and healing.