Route II

Museum “Easter egg”

Museum “Easter egg” – a unique museum in Coloma, built for storing and displaying works painted Easter egg – Easter eggs.
Architectural structure in the form of the world’s largest Easter egg egg attracts tourists from all over the world. The first museum exhibition housed in the Church of the Annunciation, an architectural monument of the XVI century. In 2000, the central part of Coloma was specially built premises for the museum building is in the shape of eggs, pysanky, height 13 m, has become a kind of business card is not just a museum, but the entire city.
The museum was established on the basis of collections pysanky Kolomiyskogo Hutsul folk art museum and Pokuttia named J. Kobrin. It has a collection of more than 6000 thousand Easter eggs represented the overwhelming majority of regions of Ukraine, as well as France, India, USA, Canada, Sweden, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, Poland and Belarus.
Today the museum has become a kind of temple art, images and traditions.

Manor of St. Nicholas

Tourist – art complex “Wealth of Saint Nicholas” – one of the most beautiful parts of the Ukrainian Carpathians in the National Park “Hutsul” that Kosiv, which is the artistic center of Hutsul unspoilt unique natural complexes, favorable climatic conditions for improvement of children in all seasons.
It is equipped central county of St. Nicholas, his cabinet, master – class children’s toy room – Museum Christmas – Christmas toys.
Each letter to St. Nicholas – the original baby feelings, openness, trust, belief in miracles …

Javorivski ‘lizhnyky’

Village Yavoriv Kosovo region is outstanding capital ‘lizhnykarstva’ the Carpathian Region. Lizhnyky – a luxurious blanket on the bed, the carpet on the wall or floor. Once these miracles weaved down almost in every family.
Technology production lizhnyky, traditional Hutsul patterns and their range of colors, plunged (water mill), where the final stage of processing ‘lizhnyky’, tourists can see by visiting Hutsul estate lizhnykariv in Yavorovi

Verkhovuna (museum Kumlyka)

This is a whole treasure trove of interesting items gutsulskogo. Here you can see how casual and bridal wear Hutsuls typical painted plates, old coins, wooden castles, Bartko (Hutsul Sokyrko), a collection of extraordinary museum instruments.
Owner personally guided tours and plays every instrument.
During the time spent in the museum tourists learn about the interesting moments of life Hutsuls particular character and their relationship to their everyday work life and vibrant holiday, sharp humor and original art.
Unusual museum created in a picturesque corner of the Carpathian Hutsul – Verhovine, in your own home local musician and collector of Roman Kumlika.

Picturesque Vorokhta

Vorokhta – picturesque village, situated at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level, surrounded on all sides by the Carpathian Mountains.
This region is considered one of the main alpine climatic resort centers of Western Ukraine and the Carpathians.
Next to the ski slopes is complex jumps, where the training of Ukrainian athletes from jumping. Artificial cover jumps allows athletes to train at any time of year.
Near the village is sports and tourist base “Zaroslyak” where the trail starts climbing the highest peak of Ukraine – Hoverla.